Hello, my name is Justin Twerdy – I’m a 29 year old photographer and web designer living in McKinney, TX. Originally from Hartford, CT.

I have 10+ years of professional experience in various digital media. I’ve helped hundreds of small business clients all over the world with their websites. Designing, Developing, Hosting, Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Ecommerce. If it deals with something online, I’ve probably handled it.

I also created https://genesistweaks.com, which is a service to help people people with small customizations to their WordPress websites.

I am Google certified, have a degree from Collin College and various continued education at the University of Texas at Arlington. However.. the bulk of what I do has been self taught, and I continue learning every day to stay on top of this fast-paced and constantly evolving industry.

You can contact me here.